Event Date: 
Saturday, December 30, 2017
Contact Info: 
**** PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE WHEN CANCELING: PETE at 390-3568 or E-MAIL Pcor1943@gmail.com; or CHUCK at 240-7152 or E-MAIL at blueinaz@earthlink.net
Course Name: 
Players and Pre-Match Info: 
Line up- 7:28am-Corcoran, D.Christie, Lavoie, Pizzi. 7:35am-Johnson, Mccomas, West, Open. 7:43am-Skidmore, San Jose, Thomallo, Rice.7:50am-Frye, Sisk, Moen, Scoby. 7:58am-Dierssen, Loudenburg, Lesnewski, Morabito. 8:05am-Conley, Mandle, Raney, Durazo. 8:13am-R.Polston, Polston Guest, Polston Guest, Polston Guest. 8:20am-Beatty, Machen, Simmons, Metcalf. TODAY"S GAME-LOW NET
Post match results: 
Winners of LOW NET-Conley-66, Durazo-68, Thomallo-68, Lesnewski-70, Simmons-70, Machen-70. Closest on # 4-no one, #15-R.Polston Skins-Morabito, Loudenburg, Lesnewski, R.Polston